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Dina (Southern US)--Red-headed bubble of joy, always up for fun, had a sleepover, bought me a Mr. Juicy (orange juice), let me call my family via Skype and arranged for me to stay with her friends parents in Macau

Halina (Scotland)--Tall, slim, quirky girl who'll help keep the creepies away and pretend to speak Chinese with me to cab drivers who do not believe anything we say--still have a standing Dim Sum date when I'm in Guangzhou

"Arkerman", Michael (Austrailia)-- Short and stocky, full of stories about crazy things like Dolly and her dog, how he hates American Paris Hilton girls, speaks Chinese worse than me, loves dim sum, bungy jumped off Macau Tower, really wants to find salted squid to eat

Nathan (Austrailia)--Freakishly tall, has to duck under Chinese banners in doorways, acts as an easy meeting point in a crowd of Chinese people, also bungy jumped off Macau Tower

Kathy and Bob (Georgia)--lovely folks who put me up in their Macau apartment and fed me and spoiled me and watched X-Men 2 with me

Ellen (London by way of Sierra Leone)--lived in London 14 years, two daughters, in China on undisclosed 'business', likes to have curtains and window treatments made by Chinese tailors, hates Chinese rudeness as much as me, also refused to eat gelatenous cube food on plane

Kevin (Kentucky)--lost drivers license in the US so decided to come to China to teach English for 6 months since he couldn't drive, first person I met in Beijing, left for Guilin to visit his sister

Luis (Colombia)--teaches Electrical Engineering, in China giving talks, wants to find some sort of Chinese wind instrument for his "Wind Instruments of the World" collection, bald, hates Chinese food as much as me, hates McDonalds as much as me but still eats it here, once taught at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, loves Gustavo Santoalalla ALMOST as much as me, parents live in Buenos Aires, thinks I say Rio de Jianero like an Italian

Barry (Georgia)--recruits ER doctors, just as overconfident about the Great Wall being 'not so bad' as I was, helped eat massive amounts of candy to celebrate Halloween

Dean (Georgia)--works with Barry from Georgia, looks a little like some movie star I can't place (helpful reference right?), brought so much food to the Great Wall I could bless him for sharing it with me

Barry (Ireland)--short red headed man who talks very very fast and gets super excited about lots of things, teaches kids in Ireland, really loves to jump up and down to any song you might hear at an American high school dance

Dennis (Ireland)--tall red headed man who once decided at a bar he should move to Hawaii and left two days later.

Me (Chicago)--tall compared to Chinese women, freakishly large feet compared to Chinese women, will never get a cab when a Chinese woman is standing next to her trying to get one too, communicates mainly through charades and pointing to pictures and words written down in Chinese, eats a lot of Pringles, should never utter the words, "oh this is gonna be easy!", once followed a man through Hong Kong just to see where he'd go, has occasionally been known to speak in Italian when approached so that people will assume she doesn't speak English therefore has no money

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