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The Final Stats

25 days--6 cities (in Asia)

12 Flights--nearly 20,000 miles

8 beds--1 floor, 2 apartments, 1 hotel, 4 hostels

1 train, 1 turbojet, 7 Star Ferries, 2 Subways, 3 bus systems, 1 motorcycle, 2 bicycles, too many cabs for my own good and a partridge in a pear tree

Purchases: 2 hats, 1 purse, 3 pair earrings, 1 necklace, 2 dolls, 1 painting, 1 fan, 1 coin purse, 3 pair slippers, a $25 Northface lacket and fleece liner, and too many M&M's, Dove Bars and Pringles to count

70-- (approx) photos taken (knowingly) by Chinese tourists

0--loads of laundry (I know. Ewwww....whatever)

endless email addresses on scraps of paper from new friends
9 pairs underwear
5 pairs socks
2 shirts
2 books
1 power adapter
1 pair fabulous gold Old Navy flip flops that I've had for 2 years and only cost me $5!
Mucho dinero

Facts to Know Before Heading to China
They drive like maniacs!
Pedestrians do NOT have the right of way
No deodorant...yuck
Where's the cheese?
Where's dessert?
They hang clothes on balconies to dry them
No size 9.5 (41) shoes :(
There is no such thing as 'waiting in line'
Chivalry is D-E-A-D. Or, more likely, never really existed.
You look funny. You will be pointed, stared and laughed at.
Air conditioning--when you CAN find it, give yourself hypothermia with it and hope the effects last a while.
Heat--it will not be turned on until the government says so. The government will not say so until well after it has started getting cold. Good luck drying any clothing.
You are Western: therefore everyone will want your picture. And to practice English with you.
Why wouldn't you shower over the squat toilet?
"Western food" is never really quite.
Feeling lonesome? Go in a store. Someone will follow you around.
Bars may be open until the wee hours, but the Chinese will go to bed around 11:30pm.
That water could very well be flavored like toothpaste.
You think you're in the front of the line? Just wait...
Everything is an 'antique'. Even the stuff they sell in airports.
The ratio of times you get in a cab to times they will actually agree to drive you somewhere is about 3:1.
Those cookies probably taste like fish.

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